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Prayer for Money

Many people worldwide are now in the brink of financial crisis. The global recession has caused millions of people to lose their jobs, their businesses, livelihood, and other financial support. Many of them resort to bad ways just to earn money, while others chose to end their life due to desperation. In this worst time, it is good to know that there is always hope for everyone.

Some people find prayer as their only answer to desperate situations. Why not? A prayer is free. A prayer even improves your outlook on life. Wikipedia describes prayer as a religious practice that seeks to connect you to a greater power in the universe. A prayer could be done individually or with a group. You may pray through the use of songs, words or a complete silence. You may pray to a god, spirit, a dead person, or anything that you believe has the power to answer your wishes. The very essence of prayer is that it is done whole heartedly, with emotions, and with sincerity.

When in financial crisis, you might wonder what kind of prayer will help you. What is important is that you need to have faith that God is the Provider of all things. Believing in God as the Great Provider means that you trust that God will supply you with everything that you need in order to survive. The intent of your prayer for money should never sound as if you are pleading for money. God knows your desires and needs even before you start praying. The tone of your prayer should be in such a way that you are just requesting for more financial help. Your prayer should be delivered in a way that you totally surrender your life and intentions to God.

During financially difficult time, submit prayer requests at the Christian Prayer Center and receive the blessings from hundreds of thousands of loyal prayer warriors.

It's always good to start your prayer asking for forgiveness of sins. Ask God to forgive you for not having enough belief that He will provide all your financial needs. You can also ask God to forgive you for all the mistakes you have committed. Your prayer for money should be joyful, positive, and full of love and faith. Furthermore, you can show your trust in God as the Great Provider by becoming a provider for other people, even in your own simple ways.

One prayer that many people find to be intimate and solemn is Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway's prayer for prosperity. In the prayer, Brockway praised God as the source of life and love who brings abundance to all His people. The prayer asks for basic needs such as money to pay the bills and buy healthy food and income to pay the rent. Beyond money, the prayer wishes for uplifting of the soul and finding peace to all.

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   Prayers often result in the miracle blessings from God. Reciting intercession prayers will bring you miracles. Praying for money has brought financial miracles to millions of Christians.